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From Wars to Water – Iraq’s Al-Badea shows the way

A long history of unstable rule, border disputes, and religious strife has created continuous conflict in Iraq. With wars conducted from the beginning of the 20th century to the present, Iraq has become a developing country whose people suffer decreased access to clean water, and heightened severity of disease outbreak.

Poor water quality persists throughout Iraq. Hazardous chemicals have been discovered in multiple sources. Much of the drinking water is laden with high levels of toxic minerals, suspended solids, and salinity. In Basra, salinity levels are higher than 7,000 parts per million; the World Health Organization standard for human consumption is less than 500 parts per million. In 2011, UNICEF reported that 20% of the general Iraqi population and 40% of rural citizens did not have access to safe drinking water.

Entrepreneurs like Mr Baqir Al-Yasri, whose Al-Badea Water Bottling factory in the southeast of Basra provides quality bottled water to the local community, are then a need of the hour.

AL-BADEA - GroFin Client

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