AMTS: Reaching new thresholds of technical excellence with GroFin’s support

The multiple crises and ongoing state of instability and security issues in Iraq have had a greatly adverse effect on the wellbeing and education of children in Iraq. Current statistics from UNICEF show that only 49% of children go on to attend secondary school.[1]

Fortunately for him, Ali Agha Jaffar grew up in a different era, having the privilege of not only completing his secondary but also his tertiary education in the UK, where he graduated in 1984. However, Ali’s passion for his homeland and desire to make a positive contribution to his people led him to return to Iraq in 2008.

Since his return to Iraq, Ali has built a local company that is 100% Iraqi owned and operated and employs over 150 local Iraqi staff. Moreover, his international experience has enabled him to assemble a best-in-class management team with its members hailing from 18 different nationalities. They bring their expertise to bear to help Ali run multiple businesses across the value chain from life support services, maintenance and repair services, HR and payroll services as well as logistics and training services.

Al Majal Technical Services (AMTS) is the latest branch of Ali’s business interests. Starting operations in 2015 as a full-service maintenance and repair shop for rotating equipment, valves, oil field equipment and downhole tools, AMTS straddles a highly specialised sector of maintenance requiring a high threshold of skills and systems to first attain and then maintain accreditation.

In late 2016, GroFin was approached by AMTS for finance to be used towards finalising the API accreditation process and providing working capital to be able to carry out the repairs of high value equipment. Apart from finance provided under its Nomou Iraq Fund, GroFin’s market network is also opening doors of opportunity for AMTS with partner organisation like Shell, where they are now able to showcase their technical skills.

Besides the job creation and career paths offered through his businesses to Iraqi technical specialists, Ali has also contributed to local education. He started the Fay Foundation in 2016, which is dedicated towards identifying talented students, providing them access to educational materials, and funding their aspirations within the schooling system in Iraq.

Continuing his commitment to his community and the youth in particular, Ali was responsible for leading a remarkable initiative at the Choir-Fest Middle East 2014, where he sponsored the Baghdad Choir. His generous sponsorship afforded 35 young Iraqi musicians the unique opportunity of showcasing their talent at an international festival in the UAE. Most recently, Ali has supported the Basra Museum in 2016 and the Basra University Geology Department in 2015, through Al Majal Business Parks.

Ali Agha Jaffar says, “In Nomou Iraq, I have found a like-minded partner that is committed to improving the livelihoods of my people. Towards this end, the GroFin team has gone out of its way to help me establish my new business and to develop sustainable systems.”

[1] UNICEF DATA. 2017. IRQ – UNICEF DATA. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 03 May 2017].