Noor El Qamar - GroFin Iraq Client

Noor El Qamar – Father and son team up to manufacture thermostone blocks locally in Iraq

In a fortunate turn of events, Iraq declared victory over the Islamic State in December, but the country’s economic challenges are far from over. A nation that has been torn apart by successive wars and plagued by security issues, Iraq is now seeking USD100 billion in foreign investment as part of a plan to rebuild

How young Arab entrepreneurs are powering job creation

Moving away from their historical over-reliance on the public sector, Arab youth are empowering themselves by pursuing entrepreneurship avenues and these young Arab entrepreneurs are creating employment at scale The eighth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) calls for promoting “inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment, and decent work for all.” A new report by the

Al Duqum International Group

Created in 2007, Al Duqum International Group (DIG) forms part of the PDO’s local community contractors (LCC) for the north of the Sultanate of Oman. Its main activities involve construction and maintenance work for oil and gas companies. One of the future plans of DIG is to act as contractor with the oil and gas